1. What To Look For In A Personal Injury Lawyer

    When you’ve suffered from a personal injury, you’ve already had to deal with pain, suffering, loss of wages, medical expenses, and more. On top of all of that, the last thing that you should have to deal with is a personal injury lawyer who does not have your best interest in mind. When you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in Cypress who you can trust, Chay Le…Read More

  2. Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

    Personal injury claims can be challenging, and it can be difficult to determine when and if you need the help of a personal injury lawyer. Even the most straight forward of accidents can pose challenges to people who are facing insurance companies.  You should immediately consult with a lawyer to understand your rights and to determine whether representation might be in y…Read More

  3. Filing A Personal Injury Claim

    If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you may want to file a personal injury claim. Filing a personal injury claim is the first step in making sure that you are compensated for your injuries and other problems that you have encountered based on your accident. There are a few things that you’ll want to ensure that you have in order to file a personal injury claim that wil…Read More

  4. Personal Injury Claim Versus A Lawsuit

    If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you may be wondering if it would be best to file a personal injury claim or a lawsuit. Before you decide, it’s important to understand the difference between a personal injury claim and a personal injury lawsuit. At LeUnes Law Firm, let our experienced personal injury lawyer in Cypress help. Personal Injury Claim When you file a pe…Read More

  5. Your Right To A Personal Injury Attorney

    If you’ve been injured due to the carelessness of another person, you have the right to be compensated for the injuries you’ve endured. At LeUnes Law Firm, we can offer you the personal injury lawyer in Cypress you need to represent you in your legal case in order for you to recoup your losses. When Do You Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer? If you have small injuri…Read More

  6. Welcome To LeUnes Law Firm

    Welcome to LeUnes Law Firm. We specialize in personal injury and real estate law in Cypress, Texas. Christopher “Chay” LeUnes has been practicing law for more than 20 years and he brings a wealth of knowledge to every case he takes on. LeUnes also prides himself on the level of care he provides with every new case, personally advocating for the needs of his clients. Wh…Read More