With 25 years of service to the community and a proven track record of success, we offer a unique blend of legal and industry experience to assist individuals with their personal injury and real estate needs. We dedicate ourselves to getting the best results. We do not guarantee any specific result but we do guarantee our best effort.

Personal Injury Law

I have worked on personal injury cases for over 20 years. I have defended insurance companies and corporations. I did that for many years. I represent individuals against companies and people that have caused injuries.  I know both sides of the docket because I have seen it from both sides. You need someone in your corner if you’ve been injured. The claims process can be confusing and the tactics that are used to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve are not always obvious. Whether you have been injured in an auto accident, an 18 wheeler wreck, on-the-job or by a dangerous product, I advocate for the victim and know how to “cut through the red tape.” Call me to discuss your case.

Real Estate Law

I have been a real estate lawyer for over 20 years. I have been a real estate agent and broker for the better part of a decade. We help minimize the cost of buying and selling and provide an elevated level of expertise and service. Through my affiliation with NextHome, I offer full brokerage services. Whether you are looking to list your home, purchase a new home, buy or sell investment properties or you’re buying or selling a farm or ranch, I have the signs, brochures, lockboxes, MLS service and the network of real estate agents for your property to be seen across multiple platforms. Call me or come by the office and let’s talk.

If you know the house you want already, you definitely should call me. I will show the house, negotiate the contract, draft the contract, and walk you through the entire process including inspections, financing, and being by your side at the closing table. Call me and ask about my “special savings plan” for folks who already know the house they want to buy.

If you want me to list your house, I can do that, too. I have all the tools of a real estate agent and the know-how to get the job done. If you want me to come look at your house and explain why our services are your best option, call me. I will come to your house or we can meet at my office.

If you simply want an attorney to review your contract or prepare legal documents for your transaction, that is a service that we provide.

Mediation Services

We provide professional mediation services in personal injury and real estate cases. With the cost of litigation being so high, the State of Texas encourages mediation of disputes outside of the courtroom. A mediator does not take away your right to a jury trial but might be helpful in bringing the parties to a resolution without incurring further expense. I like to think that I am a fair-minded mediator who has the patience and insight to help parties resolve their claim or lawsuit. If you have been ordered by the Court to mediate your case, if your contract requires mediation before a suit is filed, or if you simply think it’s a good idea to have a third party help out, give my office a call to set up a date and time for mediation. We can hold the mediation at my office, your office or anywhere within reason and with consent of all the parties. Call or email our office today to set up a mediation.