If you’ve been in a car accident, you need to ensure that you follow the correct protocol after your car accident so you can be certain that you’ll have all of the evidence and information that you’ll need for insurance companies, police officers, and for your car accident lawyer. For an experienced car accident lawyer in Cypress, Chay LeUnes is your go-to personal injury attorney.

Steps To Take Following A Car Accident

  • Inform your insurance company that you’ve been in an accident. Provide your insurance company with the police report from the accident.
  • Take photos of the damage that your vehicle suffered from the accident.
  • Ask your insurance company for a property damage valuation for your vehicle.
  • Keep track of any medical treatment that you’ve had since your car accident.
  • Don’t speak to any representatives from insurance agencies other than your own.
  • Be critical of any early settlements that you are offered from an insurance company. Be sure to account for all of your car repairs, physical injuries, and personal time and energy that you’ve had to put into taking care of things since the accident.

If you’ve been in a car accident and you are having difficulty with any part of the process that has resulted from your accident, hiring a personal injury attorney may be your next best step. Hiring a car accident lawyer can ensure that you are treated fairly in getting a settlement that reflects the problems you have had to deal with since the car accident you were involved in.

LeUnes Law Firm can provide you with an experienced car accident lawyer in Cypress, Texas. Make an appointment with us today to get a personal injury attorney who can help.